Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MLM and Toxic People

Today's blog post is inspired by another article from my favorite site, Psych Central, and it focuses on a couple key traits that identify toxic people. These traits are consistently displayed by people both inside and outside of the MLM rackets, and are commonly found in people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). It is important to note that these traits can be found in non-toxic people as well, but these traits are good indicators to be concerned with any hidden motives.

1. Gas-lighting: this is an attempt, of the toxic person, to cause you to second-guess or question yourself. The person wants to control your thinking by causing you to doubt what you may be sensing intuitively, struggling with within the relationship, or are concerned about.

Gas-lighting is constantly being utilized by the mainstream media and social media platforms. It is an excellent way to confuse people about controversial subjects such as politics, business, religion, gender studies, and any other subject that has differing points of view.

An example of a topic that suffers from regular gas-lighting is abortion. It doesn't matter if you are for abortion or against it because there will always be someone trying to make you doubt your position. If you are on the pro-choice side, then a pro-lifer may make claims such as, "What if you were aborted?", "Doesn't that potential being get a right to life?", "There are other options other than abortion", "Just because the fetus can't speak for itself doesn't mean it wants to be aborted", etc. etc. On the other side of the coin, a person that is pro-life may have a pro-choicer say, "Doesn't everyone have the right to do what they want with their body?", "What if the pregnancy came from a rape?", "Is it fair to burden society with a child I can't take care of?", etc. etc. Either way, there are plenty of inflammatory ways to make someone unsure of their views on topics like this, and gas-lighting is one of the most effective techniques utilized by media outlets to sway people based on hidden agendas from unseen people with deep pockets.

MLMers use gas-lighting like it is going out of style. They are constantly provoking people to question what they have been previously taught, and utilize a prospect's current status as a platform to provide doubt about everything and anything they had previously been taught. MLM gas-lighters can spin anything to meet their agenda, and regularly utilize faulty logic under the guise of mentorship.

An example of MLM gas-lighting is the idea that working for a boss is only going to make the bosses dreams come true. In other words, as long as you have a boss, then you will never be able to earn what you deserve (whatever that may mean). This, in turn, leads to the idea that MLM will give you the
opportunities you never could have had working for the man. MLMers only need one of these gas-lighting ideas to work, because once a prospect accepts one of these claims they will be much more likely to accept many more destabilizing claims.

2. Love-Bombing
: this is often an attempt of the toxic person to control you by “feeding you” with compliments, affection, protection and love, and all of the wonderful things that make relationships desirable. People who engage in this kind of control are most likely meeting criteria for narcissistic personality disorder and some times even sociopathy.

Love-bombing is just as effective at being used for good as it is for bad. Many people utilize love-bombing to help others overcome extreme mental blocks in their lives. My favorite example is personal trainers. These people are some of the best love-bombers in the world, because they can make anyone feel special and powerful. Not only are they some of the best love-bombers, but they are some of the most necessary, as many people need that special attention or they may become life-threateningly unhealthy. Love-bombing is one of the most powerful weapons in the world and it often gets a negative stigma, but there are many necessary situations in which love-bombing is the absolute best weapon for combating a negative situation.

MLMers constantly use love-bombing as a mean to an end. They don't care about the individuals or their dreams, but they do care about the money prospects can spend on the products. Therefore, they utilize love-bombing as a mask to hide their dubious plans of extracting as much money as possible before prospects realize they have been scammed. My former sponsor was the most upbeat person, and he always made me feel like he cared when I spoke. However, when I refused to join he quickly vanished and so did the rest of the people I met.

MLMers are some of the most toxic people you will encounter because they don't care who they hurt in the pursuit of money. They will use powerful psychological techniques to divorce people from their communities and their wallets. They spread like viral infections as they ravage communities leaving broken dreams and sobering disillusions. MLMers may be malicious or blissfully ignorant, but the damage they cause is still the same. If an MLMer is really trying to do what is best for their family and their community while claiming to be pure of heart, then I ask, "Why do so many people suffer when trying to make a few extra dollars with your
business opportunities?"


Monday, May 15, 2017

MLM and Momentum

Today's blog is not about physics, but rather the psychological version of momentum people go through on a day-to-day basis. Most people realize life has a lot of ups and down, but very few people pay attention to why these situations happen. As Newton's Third Law states, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.", and this law not only applies to physics, but rather to life in general. Momentum is one of the most powerful psychological forces as it propels us in one direction or another, and often dictates the intensity of a situation.

Have you ever had a day where you felt like nothing you did was right? From start to finish, everything seemed to be wrong and there was absolutely no way to fix it. Furthermore, after each negative event, did you notice it seemed to propel you quicker to the next negative event which was more intense than the last? That is psychological momentum, and it can last for as short as a moment, or compound for what feels like a life time. We often refer to this momentum as luck, in this case bad luck, but it is really just our way of trying to make sense of a series of unfortunate events that happen to come closely enough together to compound on one another.

One of my favorite examples of psychological momentum is connected with gambling. There is nothing more fallacious than connecting momentum with gambling, and yet every compulsive gambler does it and tries to make the most of a positive swing. In fact, because of momentum people tend to lose their money more quickly than they would if they played consistently. I have personally witnessed people beat the odds in games, such as black jack, and still lose because they begin to raise their bets when they were on a "losing streak" to regain their losses, and yet they bet smaller or the same when they are on their "winning streak". In roulette, they have a screen that shows the previous spins results and what is considered a "hot" number or a "cold" number even though every single round is completely isolated and has no correlation to the previous rounds. This psychological momentum we invent can be extremely dangerous to our wallets when playing games of chance.

Unlike gambling, the worst chance to make money are MLMs as they boast record setting "loser" percentages in the neighborhood of 99%. If there was ever a time to fold, it is when you encounter a MLM. Not only do they prey on the most vulnerable people in society, but they consistently utilize psychological momentum to deceive their consumers. They will say such things as, "Get out of that dead end job", "Don't make a bosses dreams come true instead of your own", or anything along the lines of "We are the answers to all of your problems". They aren't looking for the people on a positive path in life that have many great things going for them, but rather the people that look at their situation and continue to think about all the awful "luck" they have had.

MLMs aim to be the momentum shifter and change all of that negative psychological momentum into a positive. Yet MLMs are some of the worst proponents of true psychological negative momentum. Whatever little a pre-MLMer has before MLM will vanish as they isolate themselves from their work, their community, their friends, and their families. MLMers will disappear from civilization and their money will vanish from their bank accounts. Only when an MLMer loses everything pursuing the "dream" will they realize that negative momentum was perpetuated by their own minds and the MLM was responsible for all of their bad "luck".

Friday, May 5, 2017

MLM and Fake Reviews "Alternative Reviews"

Today's blog post is about fake reviews by MLM adherents posing to be fair, unbiased, and objective authors. There are many videos on YouTube and articles you can search for on Google that utilize provocative imagery or words to attract suspicious consumers looking for more information about particular MLMs. These pernicious articles are designed to deceive, and consistently use faulty logic to further their agenda. Even though anti-MLM information continues to be gathered and published, MLM propaganda continues to evolve and become more clever as well.

Here are some red flags to look out for when reading or watching a review:

1. Always look for a motive behind the article or video. Catchy titles such as, "[WARNING] Don't Join Amway Global before you see this!", or "Stop & Read: The Scam that is Rodan + Fields" are consistently utilized to generate traffic. At first glance, these authors appear to have important information that could help you make an educated decision, but it is important to investigate deeper. Titles are consistently utilized to mislead people and they are also used to fabricate accuracy about MLMs. 

2. If you are reading an article from a well-known source, such as Forbes or the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), then you must make sure the author has credibility! These magazines consistently use "Guest" posters or authors and they do not need any prerequisites to write about a particular subject. MLMers often utilize badly written articles that were published by these magazines as an attempt to prove efficacy of their position.

3. "Non-MLMers" posting about an MLM to drive traffic for their own products. There have been many videos on YouTube from people claiming to have no affiliation with MLM, and then their video will actually be about purchasing their software, literature, or seminar. Do not utilize their information as they will say anything to sell their products! As they say in the cop dramas, "They are not a reliable witness".

4.  MLM adherents posting videos or articles with defaming information about one "bad MLM" to make the MLM they represent sound better. MLMers have no camaraderie in this industry and will utilize information from legitimate sources to further their agenda. They will pretend they are reliable and objective because they do not have any direct affiliation with the MLM they are discrediting. Do not fall for this, and make sure you check the actual information written by the sources they utilize (if available). Again, these MLMers can utilize certain information and then twist it into something different. An example would be an MLMer talking about the old "Binary compensation plans" for MLMs like Herbalife, and yet their new MLM has come up with a "Unilateral compensation plan" that makes earning money better. This is a ruse, and any information they utilize to make their MLM sound great should immediately be discredited because of their financial bias.

5. Professional looking hyperlinks. It is important to look at the content and not just the hyperlink. MLMers will often utilize sources such as, or, and not realize these are completely biased and faulty. They work very hard to appear legitimate, but it is important to dig deeper into the content and try to find the goal of the source.

As more knowledge surfaces about MLMs, the creativity and deception in these fake reviews also becomes harder to identify. It is important to take the time to investigate the article and the author as well as read the content and identify the motives. Make sure to ask thought provoking questions about the article or video, and also make sure not to specifically look for content that always aligns with your views. The internet is a valuable tool, but it should also be treated with caution as anyone can use it to create anything.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Direct Cellars MLM Scam?

Today's blog post is venturing very far away from the original premise of the blog, but it has become important to take a moment and go over a "new" MLM called Direct Cellars. This blog post has been inspired by Ethan Vanderbuilt's style of writing about MLM mixed with a recent personal experience involving losing a friend to this business opportunity. Unfortunately, my experience, much like others dealing with MLM adherents, has been a frustrating combination of toxicity mixed with denial and cognitive dissonance resulting in a harsh and immediate severance of friendship which has induced a mixture of frustration, rage, and sadness. All of this grievance, in this particular instance, can be chalked up to an MLM called Direct Cellars.

Direct Cellars is an MLM based on wine distribution. The idea is to sign up for this business opportunity, and enjoy lots of different wines that have been carefully selected through their "Wine Tasters". There are four different packages you can choose from when you sign up for Direct Cellars, and each package is designed to suit both your wine and business dedication.

Here is the Direct Cellars Mission Statement: "To enable you to enjoy your wine experience, in the comfort of your own home, having fun with your friends and family. Discovering wines you would have likely never found by searching through hundreds and hundreds of selections at your local retail wine store. With our simple, easy and fast Wine Club selection and deliveries, you’ll never spend hours trying to decide which wines you might like, only to be disappointed. You won’t have to drive across town, or settle for the poor wine selection at your local supermarket, ever again."

Here are the four subscriptions Direct Cellars offers:

Two Bottle Wine Lover ($49.95): You get two random bottles of wine per month based on their "Wine Tasters" selections.

Four Bottle Wine Lover ($79.95): You get four random bottles of wine per month. If you sign up for this program, you will save about $5.00 per bottle compared to the two bottle wine lover plan.

Premium Wine Lover (PWL) ($249.95): You get four random bottles of wine and the opportunity to earn $125.00 for each (PWL) that signs up directly below you, and you can receive commissions based on the "BV" you generate from your weaker leg (This starts to get convoluted and I will link the compensation plan at the bottom). You must also pay $79.95 a month to continue to get your four bottles of wine per month.

Premium Wine Lover Elite (PWLE) ($499.95): You get twelve bottles of wine and the opportunity to earn $250.00 for each (PWLE) that signs up directly below you, and you can receive commissions based on the "BV" you generate from your weaker leg (This stars to get convoluted and I will link the compensation plan at the bottom). You must also pay $79.95 a month to continue to get your four bottles of wine per month.

They also have this statement. "Enroll any combination of PWL’s and earn the Fast Start Bonus associated with that PWL!" This is important because it means if you enroll a PWLE and you are only a PWL, then you will only receive $125.00. This essentially forces you to subscribe as a PWLE, because the most lucrative part of the payment plan is in the Fast Start Bonus, not the commissions based on residual purchases (Unless you are at the very top).

Once you have signed up at least three "Wine Lovers", then you get your wines for free.

Noticeable flaws:

1. We'll start with the inability to actually choose wines that you like. I've been to many vineyards since I live close to wine country and have never heard of a subscription based wine service where you received wines completely at random. Even when you get to choose your wines, you may get some that are disappointing, but at least you have an idea of . There is no way of knowing if the wines they are selecting are good vintages, come from the types of grapes you like, or are even worth the $20 or $25 you are paying per bottle (Which is extremely cheap for wine and probably means all of the wines are going to be low quality. This opinion is subjective).

2. Adding onto the first point, you are restricted to only getting four bottles a month. This seems like an extremely odd stipulation for a subscription based service, and actually seems like bad business by not offering the ability to buy more.

3. There is no actual wine advantage when signing up to be a distributor instead of signing up to be a four bottle wine lover. In fact, the only way to make any substantial money is to continue to sign people up as distributors and earn 50% of their initial sign up cost. The amount of money generated through monthly subscriptions is extremely small, and you only qualify as long as you have recruited at least two other distributors. Recruiting two new distributors is not only extremely difficult once this MLM becomes well-known, but is mathematically impossible to sustain. This business model appears to be inherently flawed.

On a side note, the former friend that joined Direct Cellars claimed the wine values were worth it because he was getting them at "Wholesale prices", however I quickly looked up one of the bottles based on a FB picture he posted as an advertisement and found a website that was selling the same bottle shipped for cheaper.

You can find "12th Blend Eye of the Needle" at their own website for $15.00 ( Needless to say this MLM does not offer a significant perk for purchasing wine through their service.

Overall, Direct Cellars appears to fit the status quo for an MLM and appears to be another pyramid dressed up as a business opportunity. Not only do they not offer a good business opportunity, but the actual subscription service does not appear to appeal to an actual wine enthusiast. I would venture to say a high percentage of actual wine enthusiasts would find this service to be a bad option for both learning about wine and enjoying it with friends and family. This business opportunity appears to target low-income earners as well as beginner wine drinkers, and should be avoided.

Source: Compensation Plan

Source: About Direct Cellars

Monday, April 24, 2017

Dr. Doe is going on vacation!

I would first like to apologize for not posting as regularly as I did at the start of this blog. I am working toward a more regular schedule once my non "Alternative Business" (see post about Bill Nye), starts to get a bit more consistent.

Anyways, I'm getting out for a week and will be returning the following Wednesday! I will do my best to update the blog comments when I'm gone, but if I can't, please understand it is not personal! Sometimes you just have to get away and tune out the regular day-to-day activities. Also, I don't think my wife would be terribly thrilled if I was spending a bunch of time doing reading and writing for the blog.

Thank you to all of my regular readers for the support you have given me over the past 8 months (I can't believe this thing has already bee going for that long!). You guys are my fuel to keep pushing out content and I sincerely appreciate your comments and continued presence on the site.

Until next time! Aloha!

MLM and Bill Nye's New Show! Also "Alternative Business"

Today's blog post is related to a new Netflix series called Bill Nye Saves the World, and in particular his second episode titled Tune Your Quack-O-Meter. I grew up watching Bill Nye, and his show Bill Nye the Science Guy, and recently saw a few people posting about his show on Facebook. Bill has always had a great camera presence, and this reincarnated version of his children's show combined with Netflix's lax rules allows Bill to be his fully creative and interesting self while talking about more "adult topics" (as he aptly puts it). An important note is the political agenda behind the show. Bill has no qualms about letting people know he doesn't like the Trump administration and he uses extremely strategic mechanisms to help reinforce his political views (panel guests, experiments, segments with his "correspondents"). This is going to leave the audience very polarized as people may want to know about the subjects Bill is talking about, but Bill is going to give an overwhelmingly liberal biased view with the use of his scientific approach. This is one of the biggest issues I have with Bill, because science is inherently objective, however he is manipulating the objectivity of science to further his subjective point of view.

In Bill's second episode of the series Tune Your Quack-O-Meter he investigates alternative medicine. He centers the episode around the placebo effect and how its existence has made people believe alternative medicines are effective even though science suggests otherwise. At one point he has a correspondent go through sound therapy and the idea that certain sounds can help organs heal. The correspondent lies down on her back as the "Healer" proceeds to shout at her stomach in an effort to do something medical. He also explains how pH levels work and why an upset stomach needs something like Milk of Magnesia which is extremely basic instead of quack "Natural" remedies (the example he used actually contained vinegar...). The overall message of the show was, alternative medicine is just a fancy way of saying you are getting quack treatments, because if it did work and stood up to the painstaking scientific tests medicines have gone through, then it would just be medicine.

Anyways, as I was watching this show all I could think about were the people that describe quack MLM products as cures for all kinds of medical conditions. In fact, (Truth in Advertising) did a study which showed 97% of MLMs from the DSA (Direct Sellers Association) made some kind of false medical claim. According to Bill's logic, if you can say something with 97% certainty in science, then it should be treated as fact until it has been disproved. Yet, MLMers continue to act as though their MLM products do work, and they also claim there are just a few bad apples saying incorrect things about their products, and the MLMs should not be responsible for those bad apples. It is time for MLMers to face the facts or at least ask their MLMs why they haven't gone through the same rigors of tests set forth by the FDA and why they haven't provided the same levels of documented proof for their alleged remedies.

This episode also revealed how MLM is an "Alternative Business", and should be treated as quackery in relationship to authentic businesses. MLMs have a track record of huge failure rates, long and costly court cases, high churn rates, and an exceptionally inaccurate representation of the expected outcome.Yet MLM doesn't fall under the same stigma as "Alternative Medicine" and can create new nicknames for itself once a certain stink starts to form. MLMs continue to be more pervasive than ever and have evolved into multi-billion dollar criminal enterprises. It is time to address MLM by its real title, "Alternative Business". It is business quackery designed to rip-off the most vulnerable members of society.



Monday, April 17, 2017

MLM and 10 Common Behaviors of Abusers Pt. 3

Today's blog post will finish discussing an article and its focus on behaviors utilized by abusers. These behaviors can be recognized in many different facets of life, and they can especially be found in the higher ranking members of MLM. I utilize the term members because they do not like the term employees, and they infiltrate parts of people's lives that other businesses cannot. This is important to note, because the more involved MLMers are in people's personal lives, the more opportunity they have to be abusive.

7. They use their “power” against you:
 A boss or mentor, landlord, parent, spouse, etc. who has some degree of power over you may use their title to hold you hostage in some fashion. For example, the landlord may “forget” to mail your light bill to you ending up in your lights being turned off. Your boss may tell coworkers something you discussed with him or her in an attempt to create an “us against you” mentality. Or an immature parent may use their favorite child against you by talking about you and against you to the favorite child. The abuser may try any kind of way to control you with the leverage (or power) they believe they have.

First of all, I love the fact they use the term
mentor, because that is a term MLMs use frequently to describe their upper tier members. Mentor tends to have a very positive connotation associated with it because it usually describes someone selflessly taking a student under their tutelage for the sole purpose of making that student successful. This is part of the manipulation as it leads people to give unwarranted trust for people they do not know. This will lead to the power of authority, and they can utilize that authority to threaten the student with failure if they do not faithfully commit to the teachings. By utilizing this term, people are subconsciously becoming submissive to abusers in MLM without realizing they are granting the abusers leverage. 
An example of an MLMers use of power to manipulate or deceive their downline is guilt tripping them into coming to each seminar. Regardless of the seminar being repetitive or useless, MLMers may suggest it is the one opportunity the downline has to achieve success, and failure to attend could result in continued struggles with the
business or possibly even expulsion. This ultimatum leaves the downline member in a mental predicament resulting in a fear driven choice.

8. They are manipulative, controlling, and demeaning:
 Have you ever been questioned by someone who is trying to drill you on something? Have you ever experienced, at the hands of the abuser, constant questioning that makes you feel as if you are being blamed for something? If so, perhaps you should look at the situation again and again and again. Why? Because if you feel you are being “belittled,” manipulated, controlled, or humiliated, you probably are. Sometimes these feelings can come up in us when we are struggling with how someone is talking to us or expecting us to perform. This is normal. But if you are feeling these things for no apparent reason and cannot identify anything that could have triggered this response in the abuser, you are most likely being forced to take the abuse of the abuser. An abuser cannot function appropriately in relationships and will often show their “true colors” at some point.

This point is relatively straight-forward for MLMs. MLMers utilize questions proficiently to manipulate and control their downlines, such as, "Do you want the very best for you family?" or "Don't you deserve all of the best things in life and to make all of your dreams come true?". They are consistently demeaning people that are not part of the MLM and those that question their
business or their motives. MLMers try to control downline's use of media, friends, family, and outside activities until they are completely converted. Absolute or 100% obedience is the only way an MLMer believes success can be achieved, and they will utilize manipulating and deceit to make downlines believe this is true as well.

9. They one-up you in a subliminal fashion:
 Most people know someone who one-ups them. I know about 20 of them. That’s who they are and they are most likely suffering from low self-esteem. Or…I am misunderstanding that they are not trying to one-up me. But there are some people, most often abusers, who will attempt to overshadow you, minimize you, or belittle you in a subliminal fashion. You may not recognize the “slight” right away, but you’ll eventually begin to question what the abuser could have meant by a comment. Some abusers have learned to give compliments that are also belittling. For example, a mother-in-law who doesn’t get along with her daughter-in-law may tell her daughter-in-law that she looks beautiful only because she went to bed early last night and would look better with her hair shorter. A colleague may say something like “Congratulations on earning your degree. I wish I had a degree. Some people can’t afford it, while others go broke trying to get one for show. You should be happy!” There is always some kind of negativity in the attitude, responses, or comments of the abuser. You may even begin to notice that the person is being very condescending and abusive but with a sweet or innocent tone of voice.

I haven't personally met MLMers that have done this, but I have read and written to many MLMers that do this over the internet. The internet MLMers are a cesspool of vitriol and nastiness. They act as though the people that oppose their views all came out of the same dumpster and couldn't possibly be successful in any endeavors. MLMers constantly lie about their monthly incomes and suggest they know people making millions of dollars. Even though they may be failing at MLM, they are succeeding by association due to the amazing
mentors. I have told MLMers that I am in a family manufacturing business and help provide a good to people in need. I have a stable salary and am able to take time off if need be without concern about next month's rent. MLMers will still respond that I am only making "The man's" dreams come true, and that I am a prisoner or slave to my position. MLMers will state they have it better and will reiterate their freedom from a schedule or their dependence on another for a salary. This is their "one-up".

 They leave you feeling drained, used, manipulated, and mistreated:
 If you feel abused, mistreated, manipulated, disrespected, envied, or treated poorly, don’t overlook these feelings because you are probably correct. There are times when we, as humans, can misread anything and can make a ton of mistakes in relationships. But I encourage you to focus on the constant and “chronic” feeling of being manipulated, mistreated, or even envied. I believe that humans are more sensitive and more spiritual than they believe they are. We know. We know when we are being mistreated and we certainly know when someone is against us. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out when someone else is mistreating us, no matter how kind they may appear on the outside.

This is a hallmark that many "failed" downline members have felt as they drop out of the
businesses. The downline members will start to realize there never was an opportunity to be successful, and that they were the MLM upline's meal tickets. Downline members will realize the constant travelling to meetings and seminars along with the continuous purchases of MLM products and tools are worthless, and the wasted effort will have been for nought. They will realize they weren't really free, and they spent more time trying to run their MLM business than they would have normally spent in a "9-5 J-O-B".

MLMers have utilized these behaviors proficiently and the results speak for themselves. Millions of people have tried and failed MLM, and many have written their stories online. Some were involved for a short period of time, and some people were involved for decades. Ultimately the results are always the same as the founders and highest ranking members take the profits while they leave their dreamy eyed downlines penniless. The more devoted their downlines are and the more abuse their downlines are willing to withstand will result in the worse losses the downlines will endure.

If you have a story involving abuses from your upline and would like me to share it on this blog as a guest post, then please e-mail me and I will be more than happy to post it! Your stories are not as unique as you may think, and your stories are some of the most impactful resources we have to fight MLMs. I will keep your anonymity upon request.